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Our Vision

We provide spoken English training in Medinipur. Our vision as an institute is to provide quality education at affordable fees to everyone. In Medinipur, there are not many opportunities for students to learn English speaking skills. We wish maximum people from our local community to learn and speak English well and create a learning environment for others and pass the skills to others. If we do this continuously,  great results can be achieved.

Our Story

First of all, it is rare to hear well-spoken, articulate English in our community and the people who speak they don’t get a chance to practice. So, back in 2016, Sk Saif Ali decided to open a club where people can come and sit together and gossip but the medium of communication would be English. Then got 7-8 people who showed interest in it and came forward but slowly gradually people stopped coming. Then a local English teacher was impressed by that movement and approached Mr. Ali to open a spoken English Institute and he agreed but again that the teacher stopped showing further interest. Eventually, Mr. Ali encouraged to open a Spoken English training institute in Medinipur on his own alone which wasn’t an easy task but with his passion and hard work he made it possible. Now not only he opened an institute he also provided a platform to the local community where they can interact with people from outside of India so that they can get familiar with a foreign accent and pronunciation. It was May 2016 when we started officially with only 10-15 students but now we have more than 50 students in total and many students have already completed their course and passed successfully. Now we are known as one of the best centers of Spoken English training in Medinipur.

Meet the Team

                                                             ( Head Teacher )

                                                                   Sk saif Ali

Started his career with an American IT company but later joined BEIP officially and now take care of the entire operation beside teaching. TEFL certified from an internationally recognized university.

                                           ( Business head & Lesson programmer )

                                                              Robyn Chapman

Mr. Ali received lots of help from people around the world but Robyn was one of them who not only helped also committed to being with this spoken English training Institute in Medinipur for the development of it. Robyn has 30 years of involvement with children. Variety of roles within education such as classroom organization, lesson planning, teaching materials, health and safety in a school environment.Passionate about children’s literature and extensive knowledge of children’s literature. Volunteer in the local community teaching, mentoring and encouraging self-confidence amongst Asian adults. Robyn’s formal education was in South Africa.  After emigrating to Canada 25 years ago she continued being involved in education, mentoring, tutoring and supervising children. She is passionate about health and fitness, enjoys walking, cycling, swimming, tennis, reading, cooking, and travel. Robyn resides in Vancouver, Canada.

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